The Famous Network (Performer)


  • How to write songs
  • How to record songs
  • How to publish songs (Learn what royalties are such as mechanical, performance, synchronization) (Link to BMI, ASCAP, SESAC)
  • How to copyright songs (Link to copyright office)
  • How to BDS songs (Link to Broadcast Data Systems)
  • How to promote songs I -How to start a band/group
  • How to get on the radio (Link to YouTube, etc.)
  • How to stream songs (List of streaming companies)
  • How to get paid from streams
  • How to license songs (Link to licensing companies)
  • How to start LLC
  • How to get tax I.D.# / E.I.N.
  • How to open bank account in company name
  • List of studios
  • List of music stores to buy instruments, keyboards, beat machines, etc.
  • List of books to purchase


The Famous Network is your step-by-step guide to everything you will need to develop or enhance your talent, protect your intellectual property rights, connect with professionals, obtain the necessary tools, educate yourself on starting a company, signing up with the right organizations, understanding contracts, understanding finances and percentages so when the millions come, you wont get ripped off!


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